The “Bad Boys” of Aura Colors

If you see these colors on someones aura be aware! They might be contemplating revenge, angry or even be sick. Want to know what colors that is?

Before I go through these “Bad” colors, I must clarify a couple of things. First what one person sees as one color, another person can see as a different color. First you have to find out what the different colors mean to you. And if you don´t see colors at all.

Don´t worry. It will come as you practice seeing auras. Go here to learn to see auras in 5 minutes or less. Another thing you should know is that the colors changes according to the state of mind that they are in. That means you shouldn’t judge the person you are seeing it on to be an angry and revengeful person. 5 minutes later they might cheer up and be in a different state of mind.

So here is the “bad boys” of aura colors:

Red AuraRed Aura

No shocker probably. Red is a sign of anger. It is smart to keep your distance, since they might be on the verge of confrontation. Try to leave them as soon and subtle as possible, but run if you have to!

Orange Aura

This one is pretty similar to the red aura. But things might not have gotten out of hand yet. But watch out,Orange Aura things can get ugly really fast, since this color can mean that they are contemplating revenge. It can also mean that they are frustrated or have inner turmoil. So it might be smart to treat people with orange auras the same way as with red. Let them cool down, and don´t let them catch you off guard. Brush them off politely and get out of there.

Green Aura

Green AuraThis color indicates bad health. Lets say a person have a broken arm, the aura might be green around the place where the arm is broken. That means that looking for this color is a way to indicate if people have injuries and where they are. It might also be a sign of illness or disease. Unless you suspect the illness to be contagious, then you have nothing to fear. But in general it is better for your energy field to be around people with positive energy. As being around sick people might be slightly draining.

So these are the 3 “bad” aura colors. And if you can see them, you have some insight on how to handle the situation and get out of it.


  1. Sarah Ray says:

    I found your meditation on Reality Hacking to be very helpful. I’d like to offer you some help in return, but for your sake I don’t want to discuss it in a public post. Please contact me at the above e-mail.

  2. Dhyana says:

    I am able to see auras, it’s been awhile since I saw mine. I do see energy auras around moving cars and around the trees or above the trees a see a high clear space with a a faint pink hue to it.
    I have always been able to see into other dimensions, and see energy in the air since I was born, and you can ignore it but you can’t stop seeing once you see in my opinion. i always thought it was a gift but being able to see doesn’t help trying to understand it. I can’t hear anyone phyisically or mentally in other dimensions.
    I was alwyas told I taught it to myself in another lifetime, but I still don’t know why .
    I have studied yoga since I was 19 and I’ll be 60 next month, time sure flys by. That’s when it really became obvious. As soon as I started meditate and different from when I was younger
    When I first started yoga was when dimensions really started revealing themselves to me I had interdimensional beings around me all the time. I wonder if they can see through the veil into this plane?

  3. Shanel says:

    As soon as I get on my feet, I will send you the $50. I just opened and literally I don’t even have a quarter. And you wont know for sure to you get it. But I know. I’ll find an address or contact ya’ll somehow! But thank you for this gift! Have a Blessed Day!

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