See Energy in the Air


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  1. Mariam says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking, Stella! I always thought that it was some odd trick of my eyes that made me see these dots and colors. By the way, nice Key of Life necklace, Eric!

  2. Eni says:

    I can see it.. in a way I always saw it but never realised what it really was.
    Thanks Eric.
    x x

  3. ronald says:

    alwats saw auras arround light bubls or dimmers far away a perfect rainbow circle. that vanishes after reaching it and i also see outside extensions of energie bodys or double vision of people. never knew what was this about. but noticed real sassy people had no auras nice people did

  4. ronald says:

    i used to play with my peripheral view and see spirit like forms out of the corner of my eye moving and lighting when i turn to look its gone. what is this

  5. T says:

    Eric, Wow, this is so cool. I have know about this forever, but it is so neat to have it so easily explained. Thank you for your so hands on easy video explaining all. I did actually see my aura the first time I tried! Thanks Teresa

  6. Carol says:

    I remember when I was in Grade 6 (I was 10 years old), sitting in the classroom, gazing out the window. I was watching a tree ‘dance’ in the wind. I was also watching it’s bright green aura dancing with it, swaying with the leaves, moving up and down, back and forth. It was so bright and brilliant. I could feel the energy flowing. I was able to draw the energy toward me, pull it closer and closer. I was so focused on that energy that I stopped listening to the lesson. Of course, my teacher noticed and asked me a question which I couldn’t answer because I hadn’t heard it. I was sent to the nurse’s office, my mother was called and was told that I had epilepsy. My mother took me to the family doctor who was furious that a school nurse had overstepped and ‘diagnosed’ me with such a serious condition. I was told to stop daydreaming in class and pay attention. Talk about putting the brakes on my spiritual development! I always knew the energy was there and have always been able to see and hear it. Thankfully that experience didn’t stop me! It is absolutely wonderful to read here that others know, see and hear it too. Thank you for sharing :)

  7. Paramendra says:

    Power packed!

  8. Bonnie says:

    I experience this when I turn out the lights to go to bed, so to me, it is a normal thing and I never thought anything about it. It also happens when I walk into a dark room or walk outside at night so seeing this video explain it to me has been very exciting. Thank you for explaining it to me.

  9. roberta bruno says:

    yes, its fantastic, i have seen energy outside before but i did not know what it was
    thanke you so much for making me understand..lots of love!

  10. Shobhita says:

    Hi good to know that people also see things which i can …i’m not alone…while u stand in day light…it can be evening….and u can see very very very small silver particles flying in all direction till far far away…..and the difference between these sparks and the particles and imperfections that float inside the gel that is between your iris and the lens of your eyeball is that these particles are free and will fly in all directions but ur imperfections will move with ur eyes…

  11. Jeroen de Jonge says:

    That is because we are all part of that same energy, we are essentially one. Mr. Assad, Hollande, Obama, Romney, Kim, Putin: give up your egocentric self and face the truth. This globe is all we have. It is just another emanation of energy with us on it, pretending to be individuals. God is breathing, and we see light and love. Each breath is one evolution of our universe, and there are countlessly many more of them. And still – you are unique because God chose you to live your life on this unique planet. Live, love, linger, listen and look. God loves you.

  12. Jerry says:

    I’ve been interested in this for many decades now, and once felt elated with the possibility that I could see the aura and energy. However, science has eroded my excitement. The aura could be an afterimage of the eye; the energy could be the particles, etc. floating inside the iris. I once thought walking on hot coals was a sign of enlightenment until “Myth-busters” demonstrated that anyone can do it because the temperature is not that great when you step on the hot coals quickly. I want to believe in the reality of auras, energy, soul, spirit, etc. but science is destroying my wishes.

  13. niru peter says:

    i use to visiualize sparkles, sprinkling, and bright focus comes from the sky, when i do prayer for our family or for others. is it the same about you talking all energy in the Air or different.

  14. P.Blauw says:

    Yes this I could see whenever I “wanted” to. But also the elementary forms/energies (tanmatra’s) are there, on a cloudy day we could see the tanmatra’s of the air.
    Depends on mood and something (?) more, to be able to see this more easily.

  15. Jody Biesche says:

    About twenty years ago I had an experience that was similar to this. I was having a lively discussion on some metaphysical topic with a friend, a wise and loving spiritual teacher, and at one point I decided to stop disagreeing with her and just surrender to what she was saying. Immediately there was sparkling energy all around me and I felt a rush of energy and bliss. The sparkling slowly faded over the course of an hour or so but the blissful feeling stayed with me the rest of the day.

  16. Angel says:

    I am so glad to watch this video, for a minute i assume that everything was made up. During my childhood years, I’ve seen thingS that i couldn’t explain.

  17. Angel says:

    I’m not alone

  18. esp says:

    This video kind of freaked my out, I first started seeing the aura in the air when I was in my early teens (I couldn’t see it around sournding other things just in the air) and at the time since I didn’t understand what it was and nobody else did either I thought it meant there was a problem with my vision (even the optimiligist my parents took me to see couldn’t find anything). Your videos are the first thing that really explained to me what was happening to my vision, and I thank you for that. Forget the excorise seeing the aura in the air of an environment with little to no lighting is just a part of life but for the first time I’m not wondering if means maybe there is something wrong with my vision, thank you very much.

  19. Cher says:

    It’s wonderful to see all the colourful pulsing energy all around thank you

  20. Trisha says:

    Can you other here explain what you are seeing? Or am I unusual? I never did any hallucinegetic drugs at all growing up and certainly not at 4 years old. What am I experiencing?

  21. Trisha says:

    That is what I understand that it occurs right before a migraine or headaches. I never get migraines or headaches. Any answers to that?

  22. Trisha says:

    I can sit very still and in my peripheral vision I will start to see atoms moving about in the back corner of my eyes. Its been this way for me my entire life and no one can explain to me what this is. Ot the vibrant colors that intermingle with each other but pass through right in front of me. They will change from white to blue to red and yellow. They pass by and there is another set right behind it. I do not get headaches, or migraines and this has happened to me as far as I can remember at the age of 4. Any ideas what they are?

  23. Gaenor says:

    Ive always seen energy in the air for as long as i can remember, it looks like fine rain x

  24. lisa says:

    I’ve seen this in the dark before and also thought there was something “wrong” with my eyes. I know I’ve seen it before but very subtly. I’ll practice to do it on purpose. I saw the static in the video but not in my home on purpose yet. I’ve seen it purely by accident before. I am sure my energy isn’t great right now because I have stressful things going on so the next video I’ll watch is clearing energy and cleaning it. :D lisa

  25. suzi a says:

    I thought I was imagining things but now I know other people see it nighttime in the dark I see white matter floating around the room, usually right above me…thought they were spirits and once I actually was batting at them to make them go away…I also go astral flying at night and see a lot of people that are unhappy and confused or lost …I call these my purgatory dreams..I have an uncanny sense of knowing things before they happen..would like to read auras..will practice seeing deeper energy..yks

  26. Graham Devanny says:

    I wonder if this is what Van Gough was paintng?

  27. Ian Walker says:

    At times I can already see separate rays of golden sunlight when I do my late afternoon prayers facing the sun. I can also see a golden sheen on all trees that have glossy leaves at the same time. But in the mornings the sheen on the same leaves are more white in colour. So to me the morning sunlight is white and the late afternoon sunlight is golden. Anyway I watched this video and I tried it and could see white and grey dots everywhere in my vision. Maybe with more practice I could see different colours?

  28. Hi everyone, liked this video from Eric as it clearly shows what he is actually talking about. I have seen this energy many times and i have always found it easiest on a clear sunny day… viewing / looking into bright blue sky i find best of all. The energy looks just like flying ‘ sperm’, like you see on medical programs under a microscope.
    When i first ‘saw’ it many years ago now i thought to myself… what the hell is that. It looks amazing and i felt like i was looking at ‘life’ itself…. as if the ‘ Creation energy’ was enveloping me and all things. Ive never tried the ‘ breathing ‘ it in / focusing like Eric suggested but next time i will.
    I wish everyone the determination and awarness to realize the love within and all around themselves. Please check out my blog for further Spiritual guidance and education at
    God Bless, Dave .

  29. Janardhana Kini Tonse says:

    I hav to experience this personally. Till then no comments. But presentation is good and I believe energy is everywhere like all human beings do have a AURA around their physical body.