The aura has been a debated conundrum in the scientific world for many years.  It has been a misunderstood topic throughout the ages but the few researchers that have put time into this field have actually come out with many amazing and interesting findings.

At this time science has proven that all matter we see in the world has an underlying energy to it that pervades all of life.  Matter has proven to be made of atoms and the many fundamental particles that can be found throughout the universe.  So by this statement alone we know that there are things in this world we cannot always see but are truly there!

Western science knows that there are energy fields that pervade all things on earth whether they are electromagnetic or magnetic. These invisible fields affect all of matter in a subtle yet very real way.  Just because the instruments to test these fields are still in their infancy we know that these phenomena are out there and ready to be investigated.

There are many ways people are studying auras and one being Kirlian photography.  This is the practice of taking certain photographs that allow the camera to pick up a person’s aura.  Others are using techniques with very fine instruments to detect fluctuations within the energy fields of different living things.   Some scientists such as Valerie Hunt have used EEG and other instruments to detect changes in electrical activity in the body.  After finding fluctuations in electrical activity from different states of consciousness she has made many theories and findings on what she believes to be the human aura.

For the most part, the real problem with the scientific community at this time seems to be that they want to base their judgments on the explanation given by the ones that discuss auras, instead of investing time and money into the actual study of the phenomena.  This is mostly because it runs perpendicular to the beliefs of western science today.  But as you can see the idea of the aura is actually becoming stronger and more and more accepted throughout society.  Once this idea starts to spread further and deeper within the collective consciousness we will start seeing more institutions such as the Institute of NOETIC Sciences coming together to form a bond and a true scientific explanation of the aura.