Aura Colors

If you still don´t know how to see the human aura, then you should come back to this page later when you start to see colors. Colors will come to you as you practice our technique.

As a side note, we are actually talking about seeing the colors visually, not seeing it in your minds eye with your eyes closed.

Why does it have a Color?

Actually the brain colors the aura with the color that best fits the emotion. And by the way the color does not show as strongly as you might expect. In the beginning you will most likely see just a tint of color.

How to use the Aura Color Guide

Use this guide only as a point of reference. What one person sees as red, might be brown to another etc. The best way to figure out what the colors mean is to internalize the feeling you get from observing the it. With that in mind lets go to the general meaning of the colors.

Blue Aura

  • Positive energy
  • Good vibration
  • Meaning well to others
  • Good intentions

White Aura

  • Good energy
  • Very positive person
  • Perhaps spiritually inclined

Purple Aura

  • More dimensional feel
  • In a shifted altered state of consciousness

Red Aura

  • Angry
  • On the verge of confrontation

Orange Aura

  • Contemplating revenge
  • Holding frustration within
  • Having inner turmoil
  • Similar to red

Yellow Aura

  • Deep thought
  • Concentrating mentally
  • Studying
  • Planning

Green Aura

  • Bad health
  • Illness
  • Disease
  • Broken bone

Black/Brown Aura

This is a very misunderstood color and needs special attention. Black/brown auras are not aura colors at all but what we have deemed as collapsing auras. A collapsing aura is the energy of a person who, through their soul is not producing enough energy. The energy begins to pull from outsource sources rather than radiating from within.

The aura is directly connected to a variety of paranormal abilities and the sixth sense.


  1. Cheryl says:

    I have always been able to see the haze around people but not normally any colour. During the middle of the night about four years ago I got up and was sitting on the couch…half asleep..I glanced down at my knee and I could see this beautiful blue/purple colour oozing out just above my knee and cascading over my knee. It was amazing and was thick and pulsating as it slowly flowed over my knee. I only saw it for seconds and believe I may have seen it because I was so half asleep that my eyes weren’t quite focused. I would love to see it again, it really was amazing!

  2. Gwen says:

    I have all ways bine able to see auar’s since I was 1 years old. One time I said “MOM” the line of your body is green!!!She said thats an aura. So I looked up aura and got this website and I looked at what green said it said bad health,illness,disease,and broken bone and she was sick! Wierd!!!!

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