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What is the aura?

Poetically it has been called the Fingerprint of God, because it is a visible clue of a hidden reality we can experience with our own eyes – if we learn to see it.

The aura has more secrets than we are first led to believe. Through close observation some of these secrets will surface. The first question is, “What is the aura and how do you see an aura?”



Couches, walls, plants, TVs, cars, pets and so on. Everything has an aura because everything absorbs energy. Like a glow ball or the numbers of a watch glow in the dark after being placed in the light, so can objects absorb different forms of energy: heat, cold, sound and so on.

Objects are continually absorbing energy from everything. Energy must go somewhere. It doesn’t bounce around into infinity. It is absorbed. When energy is absorbed it radiates from the objects that absorbed it.

Some things are different. Plants and animals generate their own source of energy – from within.

Different still is the human aura. The human aura radiates from an inner source of energy.

Your body has two types of energy: energy from your dimensional body and other energy absorbed through food, sound and light sources. We fall under the same rules and principals of energy absorption as animals, trees, stones, furniture and everything else.

Most people can see an Aura within 5 minutes of using this technique!

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